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The Lift Squad is Members ONLY

What can members actually do?

Join the Show

Only verified members of the Lift Squad can participate in Live Shows/Events or use the Membership site. When you participate, you get to meet more friends, get your own minute in the spotlight, or do something wacky.

Find Friends and get Matched

Use Buddy Match to find kids your age, who like the same games and things you do. Maybe even kids in your own town! We won't match you with people too much older or younger than you.

Get Sweet Skills

Take classes and learn some incredible things which will change your life. Things your parents wish they knew when they were kids. Tickets for classes cost less for Premium Lift Squad members.

OK! Anything else?

You know it! Check this out:

It's Safe.

We screen out the creeps, wierdos, and rascals, and vagabonds. Check out our registration process to see how we do it and validate the person making the membership request.

It's Educational.

You're gonna learn some magical stuff about life skills, people, money, careers, and friendships. Not math and language arts. Definitely going to learn the Ninja Exit.

It's Competitive.

Get in on tournaments, giveaways, challenges, talent shows, spotlight events. Dance-offs and costume contests? Don't think we won't!

It's Elite.

We don't let just anyone in here. You've gotta be a real kid who wants to be their best. We're going to encourage you to be your best too, and show you how.

It's Useful.

We will have classes on game coding, app coding, fashion design, interior design, streaming, content creation, all kinds of things to prepare you for a career someday.

It's Really Really Cool.

You're going to do things other kids wish they were doing. You'll get to see some apps and games before other kids do, and attend special events people will be talking about.

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Is Lift Academy right for You?

Did you think you'd be flying off to a castle in the mountains to study under wizards? Not today! This is just a cool picture of a lake. Lift Academy is actually online, right now.
You drop by when you want. OK, let's review and see if you meet the acceptance criteria.

You're an awesome kid.

You want to be the best, and you can agree to be kind and support your fellow Lift Squad members.

You want to learn.

How to be a better.. anything! A better content creator, a better friend, a better gamer, or learn things which are basically magical super powers for an awesome life.

You want to make some friends.

A few GOOD friends, who like the same things you do and believe in the same thanks you do. Not traitorous rascals who make you feel like a small bug on a bug's butt.

You're awesome
Sweet skills
Make friends

Is that you? Then sign up!

Membership Pricing

Get a Premium membership to save on ticket costs.
Class/Event Tickets without a membership cost $12 and up.

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Pay Weekly
For frequent attendersFree account
LIFT Safe (tm) Member Registration
Monthly Class/Event Tickets Included5
Discount on Additional Tickets25%
Free LIFT Shows
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