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No kid in their right mind is going to sign up for an Anger Management or Healthy Relationships class.

Can you imagine how a child's life would improve if they learned this kind of thing now? Yes.. YOU, the parent, may want them to take a class like that.

We don't do math and science and language at Lift Academy. We cover the topics and skills that most homeschool, remote/distance/hybrid learning leave behind.

Yet, learning that kind of valuable skill would have immediate and long-lasting benefits for their entire lives, and a further ripple effect to possibly hundreds of other people.

See how we solve this problem with a proven approach using structure and content.



All classes share a particular meeting-style structure, no matter the instructor. This helps our kids get to know each other and have the opportunity to make great friendships. Note: All classes which include participation REQUIRE prior registration in the Lift Squad.

Verification Lobby

Verify identify of each attendee and keep everyone safe


Active class schedule timer to keep things on track


Set expectations and provide cohesion between events

Consistent Emphasis

On mental health, voluntary participation, and positive expectations

Socialization and Small Group Dynamics

Smaller group breakouts, with leadership development and group/project dynamics

Fun Activity

Things they will talk about and invite other kids to come to


Actionable items and processes

If this structure looks like a Scout, Young Entrepeneur, or Youth Group meeting, that's for a good reason! We want to help kids be their best!


How do we fit invaluable life skills into kid-sized classes?



Reframe the objective as a problem or need the child has now. See below for a LOT of examples.


Break it Down

Break down the lesson into skills and processes that a child can learn. Change perspective when needed!


Use Several Learning Methods

Deliver the lesson, do a project/exercise, and then have a student repeat the learning. Leave the student with a summary sheet they can use and spread to others.

Again, no kid with any shred of decency is going to go hunting down a class called "Active Listening!"

However, if the child was a pre-teen, and the class was called "How to make people love you", now we've got a hook to work with.. a problem the child is most likely very interested in solving.

This is a great example of a real problem a child of a certain age would be looking to solve. Emotions are powerful. They may need some guidance and a perspective change to negotiate their way through their feelings, but there are some skill opportunities here too!

So we can help them address the problem by breaking it down into pieces like this:

  • Perspective shift: First of all, you can't make someone love you! This is not something we have control over, people have free will.

  • Not getting that acceptance causes pain, so a little Stress Management is needed so we don't lash out at others or at ourselves while we find the time to process and accept this.

  • But wait! Being a good listener does often help people to have a higher opinion of you, so let's learn a little Active Listening. It's always great to be kind and spread love!

  • And whatever the result, you need to be OK with not being loved or even liked by any one particular person. So let's reinforce your Self Esteem.

Coming away, the child will have learned a few basic skills they can use in this particular problem, and begin to form patterns of thinking they can apply to other things in life.

Class Examples

Questions and Problems being turned into classes

Here are a lot of examples, based on two main sources of input:

  • Kids were asked what they'd like to learn most
  • Adults were asked what they wish they knew when they were young

We are in the process of prioritizing these for classes this fall! Please let us know below which you are interested in.

Question/Problem Topic/Soft Skills Involved
How to make people love you Active Listening, Perspective, Self Esteem, Stress Management
How to not get mad and start raging Anger Management
How can I calm someone down when they're upset or raging? Anger Management, Communication, Active Listening
How can I stay safe from bad people in the world? Avoiding Predators
The same bad thing is happening over and over. How can I get it to stop? Balance
How to get what you want Perspective, Goal Setting
How to get a raise in your allowance Perspective, Goal Setting, Financial Management
How to know when someone's lying Communication
How to make sure you never go to jail Communication, Anger Management
How to not get bulled Conflict Resolution
How to stop people from calling you names Conflict Resolution, Mental Health, Communication
How to deal with being bullied Conflict Resolution, Communication, Perspective
How to start a business and be your own kid boss Entrepreneurship
Secrets of a parent, AKA how to trick your parents Family Health
My parents are breaking up, what do I do? Family Health
My mom's always yelling at me, how do I get her to stop? Family Health
My dad's always yelling at me, how can I make him stop? Family Health
My brother's a jerk, what do I do? Family Health
How to stay out of trouble Family Health, Future Preparation
How to get my parents to spend more time with me Family Health, Perspective
How to get people to leave me alone Family Health, Perspective
I do way too many chores at home, how can I get this to stop? Family Health, Perspective
Someone in my family is a drug addict, what do I do Family Health, Perspective, Stress Management
How to be good with money Financial Management
How to make $100 Financial Management, Entrepreneurship
How to make $1,000 Financial Management, Entrepreneurship
How to make $1,000,000 Financial Management, Entrepreneurship
How to save up money fast Financial Management
How to be a great friend Friendships, Communication
Dealing with toxic friends Friendships
How to make new friends Friendships
How to get better at Fortnite Gaming
How to do something incredible and difficult Goal Setting, Critical Thinking
How to get faster Health
How to get stronger Health
How to get skinny Health, Goal Setting
How to be nice Health, Goal Setting, Communication
How to stay safe from sickness like COVID Health, Perspective, Critical Thinking
How to handle pain Health, Perspective
How to have an awesome relationship Relationships
How to scare the heck out of someone Humor
How to be funny Humor
How to make people trust you Integrity
How to be an incredible leader Leadership
How to always be right Learning
How to get better at anything Learning
How to learn anything Learning, Thought Process
I don't feel loved. How to get your family to love you Love Languages, Communication
How to know when you're being tricked by TV/ADS/News Media and Advertising Awareness
How to be happy Mental Health
How to stop from feeling sad Mental Health
How to get good things to happen in your life Mental Health
What to do when everyone hates you Mental Health
Getting out of a bad mood Mental Health, Perspective
What to do when the boy you like doesn't like you back? Mental Health, Relationships, Stress Management
What to do when the girl you like doesn't like you back? Mental Health, Relationships, Stress Management
How to get skinny Personal Management
How to stop swearing Personal Management
How to look cute Perspective, Communication
How to be rich Perspective, Goal Setting
How to be lazy Perspective, Personal Development
How to be cool Perspective, Relationships
How to be popular Perspective, Self Esteem
I am sad all the time, how can I make it go away Perspective, Skill Development, Stress Management
How to not be so scared Perspective, Stress Management
How to forget sad memories Perspective, Stress Management
How to not be embarassed Perspective, Stress Management
Should I feel bad about being white? Privilege, Perspective
How to get a girlfriend Relationships
How to get a boyfriend Relationships
How to deal with people I love being racist Responding to Racism
How to not feel like a total piece of crap Self Esteem
How to learn to make games Skill Development
How to make songs Skill Development
How to teach a dog to do sit Skill Development
How to not get hurt Skill Development
How to draw good Skill Development
How to make a website Skill Development
How to be a ninja Skill Development
How to not be messy Skill Development
How to read a dog's mind Skill Development
How to get better at video games Skill Development
How to make animations Skill Development
How to make a TV show Skill Development
How to make a comic book Skill Development
How to be a great dancer Skill Development
How to make awesome TikTok videos Skill Development
How to take a punch Skill Development
How to give the best presents Skill Development, Communication
How to make awesome meals Skill Development, Communication
How to invent things Skill Development, Entrepreneurship
How to survive wild animal attacks, fires, and all kinds of dangers Skill Development, Humor
How to solve your life's problems Skill Development, Learning, Critical Thinking, Goals
How to smell great Skill Development, Personal Management
How to not die Skill Development, Personal Management, Perspective, Health
How to stay healthy your whole life Skill Development, Personal Management, Perspective, Health
How to be tough Skill Development, Perspective
How to get followers on TikTok Skill Development, Perspective
How can I stay safe from creeps online? Staying Safe Online
How to start streaming Skill Development
How to calm down when you're mad Stress Management
How to make tough decisions Thought Process, Critical Thinking
How to spread love and kindness Communication

Each of these is a potential class. Can you imagine what a child's life would be like if they attended just 5 of these?

Which classes would you like first?

We're prioritizing class development now, so let us know which classes or topics you'd like to see first.

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